We admit that we might be coffee snobs – that we’ve gone in search for that perfect, balanced cup of Joe. Well, we definitely found what we were looking for, and so much more! Cultivating friendships with the farmers and families who grow these amazing coffees has given us an even greater appreciation of what it takes to make that perfect cup! 


All of our fine coffees come from high altitude regions in Brazil known for producing specialty grade coffee beans (highlighted on map).

Specialty Coffee is a general term that is used to classify coffee which meets the quality standards established by the Specialty Coffee Association. To be rated specialty coffee, the beans must be grown in regions with ideal climates and conditions, and score 80 points or above on the 100-point coffee review scale. The score of the coffee is determined by a professional Q-Grader, who often tests 150 cups of coffee every day!

In comparison to commercial grade coffees, specialty coffees stand out as having richer, more vibrant natural flavors. We partner with Brazilian coffee producers who are passionate about growing exceptional ​specialty grade beans with unique and delicious flavors, while maintaining high levels of consistency.

To unlock these brilliant natural flavors and aromas, we test roast each specialty bean – sometimes as many as 30+ test roasts – to discover the very best flavor profile! This closely monitored roasting process allows the complexities of the multilayered flavors of the beans to be released and enjoyed to the fullest, adding many health benefits, including higher concentration of antioxidants.

Our goal is for you to fall in love with these specialty coffees from Brazil just like we have!

Check out the Coffee Taster’s Flavor Wheel used for determining the taste of specialty coffee.

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