Possibility of Higher Metabolism & Less Risks of Certain Diseases

A study from Webmd was conducted with various participants who drank four cups of coffee a day. The study revealed higher metabolism, healthier blood, and more resistance to diseases such as diabetes, MS, Parkinson’s, and cancer.

This article states that, “Many studies have found that coffee drinkers typically have lower risks of various diseases than nondrinkers do.”

I personally believe that moderation is important. However, I also believe in black coffee and drinking it everyday. This article is one of many that state the known fact of coffee’s health benefits for your body.

To read the Webmd article – click here.

Traveling to Brazil – Coffee Farm Visits

Brazilian Friends Sampling Brazilian Gold Coffee

Josh Jordan spent over a week in Sao Paulo, Brazil, before visiting the coffee farms in Alta Mogiana and Cerrado Mineiro. While in Sao Paulo, he spent time with close friends who were delighted to try samples of his Brazilian Gold Coffee.